Links for further information on HNV farming and HNV farmland policy

An overview of HNV farming landscapes and relevant public policies in the EU

The BurrenLIFE project was one of the first projects to show the importance of the land management carried out by the farmer for the conservation of high quality HNV farming landscapes

A website raising the profile of HNV farming in the UK

IEEP is an independent, not for profit institute dedicated to advancing an environmentally sustainable Europe through policy analysis, development and dissemination.

Information on a DG Environment funded projects on Results-Based Agri-environment Schemes

European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

European project developing and sharing innovations that support farming systems in areas of exceptional natural values
across Europe through a multi-actor approach.


Links for Irish government bodies related to or interested in HNV farmland

Department of Agriculture in Ireland

Irish Heritage Council

National Parks and Wildlife Service


Links for biodiversity organisations

The National Biodiversity Data Centre webpage with information on many aspects of biodiversity including plant and animal records across Ireland


Links to partner organisations in the IDEAL-HNV project

IT Sligo



Links to agricultural resources